THINGS eXplore™ Space Communication

Space Communication

Discover the limitless possibilities of space exploration and scientific discovery with Space Communication, along with THINGS.


Today’s communications and information needs depend on Space Communication. THINGS eXplore™ Space Communication will showcase the multitude of applications of Space Communication, space exploration, global networking, and beyond.

Join THINGS eXplore™ Space Communication, an online event on Nov 23 2023, from 15.30 to 17.00 on Zoom.

THINGS eXplore™ Space Communication is designed to help businesses and society understand the impact and opportunities of Space Communication is Space Tech. Secure your spot now by registering at our Event Site!

THINGS eXplore™ Space Communication is part of our THINGS SPACE2 initiative, which highlights the latest applications and developments from our members in the Space Industry. Learn more about THINGS Space2 Initiative here.

At THINGS eXplore™, we provide a platform for organizations and individuals to delve into important topics of interest. Our tech companies push the limits to accelerate development, providing inspiration, information, and new relations in just 1.5 hours. Conducted in English, THINGS eXplore™ will be recorded for promotional purposes.

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