THINGS network partners are core to our ability to deliver high-quality cross-border services to our members.
All our partnerships are based on mutual trust and willingness to collaborate and help.

Network Partners

THINGS Partnerships

Partners are friends of THINGS that we collaborate with for mutual benefits. Our Network Partnership agreement is light but the details of each partnership are agreed bilaterally.

There are several types of Network Partners with each one adding some capabilities or specialties that help THINGS provide high-quality cross-border services to our members.

Common categories of partners include geographical or domain focus, incubators/accelerators and investors with a portfolio of companies that THINGS can help develop, user groups, relevant public programs and universities.

[Testimonial – Partner Page] Victor Canero (KAHI Digital, Partner)

Our partnership with THINGS has really helped our portfolio startups to connect with relevant customers, partners and investors on an international scale. Their craft in qualifying organizations (both in the corporate and startup space) and matching them together makes these connections laser focused and extremely valuable. 

Víctor Cañero Morera

Managing Partner, KAHI Digital

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