THINGS is the #1 deeptech hub in Sweden focusing on industry, infrastructure, utilities and mobility. 

Through our hands on – business first strategy, the best deeptech companies are made visible globally

About Us

With 100 members, 50/50 deeptech companies and corporates, from Tokyo to Silicon Valley, and a range of carefully selected international partners, THINGS provide cross-border services for its members including challenges, acceleration programs, co-pilots, scouting and matchmaking. THINGS also arranges open events such as the eBazaar™, eXplore™ and Get-On-Top-Of™ series.

Our common interest is a commitment to disruptive innovation and technologies, which are driving the digital transformation. Our vision is “to transform innovation in small companies into large scale value creation through collaboration with corporates”. We do this by nurturing and bringing together corporate-ready tech companies and corporates in order to catalyze the domestic and global development of innovative products and services. Some current focus areas are Internet of Things (IoT), Automation, Robotics, Mobility, Machine Learning/AI, Energy and Space. We regularly host a packed calendar of events on-site in our 100 people capacity event space and on-line, and most presentations are published on our YouTube channel.

The core value of THINGS is the sum of energy, activity, experience and skill among member companies and access to our extended startup community of some 200 member and alumni companies, and an additional 600+ relevant startups. With our sole objective to enable sustainable business relationships between corporate-ready tech companies and corporates internationally THINGS is a perfect partner to any incubators/accelerators focusing on deeptech in industry, infrastructure, utilities and mobility.

The world of deeptech is border-less, corporates need to find the best deeptech companies globally to work with and the best deeptech companies need to make themselves visible globally to be found. THINGS have taken on the challenge to figure out how to make this happen using our “hands on – business first” approach.

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Collaborations & Projects

 We are continuously involved in collaborations with partners, for instance:

  • CASSINI project, an EC-funded program where an international consortium will matchmake startups, corporates and investors in space-related areas and challenges. We do this with Deep Tech Alliance and the purpose is to make more industries aware of the opportunities of using space data. 
  • Ignite Sweden, a national matchmaking program which THINGS initiated with a couple of incubators, to provide Swedish startups with the opportunity to meet their first corporate.
  • Sustaintech Energy Action (SEA), a collaboration to support Swedish sustaintech companies.
  • Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day (SSVD), a full-day cleantech conference where companies are pitching their solutions to investors.
  • Energy Tech Mission, a global innovation challenge for Hitachi Energy in Germany  to find solutions to identified challenges.
  • Startup4Climate, an annual innovation challenge for GodEl and Ellevio to identify and promote startups accelerating the energy transition.
  • Deep Tech Alliance (DTA), a European alliance driving adoption and development of deeptech in Europe in areas like Industry 4.0, Space and Clean Energy. 
  • SPACE 2 , an initiative supported by Vinnova to accelerate business related to space tech, both upstream and downstream. 

Feel free to contact Linda via if you have ideas and suggestions for joint collaborations.

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Marketing Manager

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