THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Sensors in partnership with WSI by Sigma Connectivity, September 23 2021

THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Sensors refers to the rapid development of sub-industry deals with sensors and actuators within IoT. This development makes it important to design IoT solutions to work with different and more or less specialized sensors over time.

“The THINGS eBazaar™ events offers an excellent platform for start-ups to connect with innovation hungry corporates, and like minded entrepreneurs. The remote nature has the added benefit of allowing us, a Japanese scale-up, to seamlessly connect with firm from the other side of the world – I’d recommend attending or speaking at the event should you ever have the opportunity”

Adrian V.J Sossna, VP of Global Sales at Hacarus

Over the last ten years or so IoT has developed from complete end-to-end solutions into systems of independent “components” like sensors and actuators, communication, platforms, analytics, AI, robots, etc. in a similar way as IT once developed. 

THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Sensors is hosted in partnership with WSI by Sigma Connectivity, September 23 at 15:30-17:00 CEST. WSI by Sigma Connectivity have immense experience of selecting and integrating sensors in their development projects, making them the perfect partner.

Confirmed Presenters

  •  Celsicom, Stefan Carlsson, CEO and Co-founder
  • AKKR8, Ulf Seijmer, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Sencept, Iman Vakili, CEO & Founder

Register to the Event

An eBazaar™ has up to six selected THINGS members presenting their company and offerings to typically 50-80 relevant established companies. Each presentation is 15 minutes including Q&A so an eBazaar™ session is around 1,5 very well spent hours. 

The eBazaar™ is free for anyone to attend but we will always give priority to members of THINGS Enterprise Circle. We might charge a no-show fee of 60 € to attendees who sign up but don’t attend without notice. 

You can find our previous eBazaar’s on our Youtube Channel: THINGS – Innovation Growhouse. For more updates of our events keep an eye out on our Events page.