THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Infrastructure event February 25, 2021

THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Infrastructure comprise several operators from different domains of activity, such as energy, water, public transport, public safety, roads, railways. They deploy and operate “cyber-physical systems”, that are data-controlled equipment which interact with the physical world. The challenges are many including sharing of data between operators, security and safety but the opportunities are appealing. It’s safe to say that Smart Infrastructure brings both great opportunities and new risks on the economy and the safety of citizens. 

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THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Infrastructure is part of THINGS initiative to help our “corporate-ready” startup members reach relevant customers, partners, investors, analysts and media globally. For the established companies the THINGS eBazaar™ provides a great way to continue their efforts to find new solutions to problems with relevant and “corporate-ready” Deep tech companies, while actively taking responsibility for helping fantastic smaller companies – the children of our industries – develop and prosper. For six years THINGS have been focusing on Deep tech in Industry, Infrastructure, Utilities and Mobility with the objective of enabling sustainable business relationships between corporate-ready Deep tech companies and established companies. Our 100 members, 50/50 tech companies and corporates from Tokyo to Silicon Valley, benefit from cross-boarder services enabled in partnership with our selected international partners. 

You can find our previous eBazaar’s on our Youtube Channel: THINGS – Innovation Growhouse. For more updates of our events keep an eye out on our Events page.