Startup 4 Climate

As the world continues to grapple with the effects of climate change, the need for innovative solutions to limit global warming has become more pressing than ever. Immediate action is required, thus young companies with fresh ideas have a major role to play in speeding up the energy transition to achieve the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Startup 4 Climate is such an innovative challenge for young Swedish startups taking innovative climate actions and helping accelerate the energy transition. Godel i Sverige and Ellevio AB, founded Startup 4 Climate and organise the competition every year supported by THINGS AB and We don’t have time. The winners will be rewarded an amount of SEK 2 Million to bring their idea to life.

The energy transition’s answer to Dragons Den with four times as much prize money as Robinson, has attracted a record number of contributions and an unprecedented interest from the public in this year’s edition of the competition.

The jury has announced the seven out of eight finalists, and the submissions cover a wide range of topics, from fossil-free cement to fusion energy and organic batteries. There’s even an entry about AI for buildings, showcasing the diverse and innovative ideas being put forth. And let’s not forget about the power of climate gaming, as Climatopia was the top choice in The People’s Vote, garnering over 8,200 votes. It’s exciting to see so many people invested in finding sustainable solutions for our energy needs.

The final pitching is on Nov 15 and the competition is sure to be fierce, with each startup vying for the top spot. We can’t wait to see what these companies have in store. Stay tuned on November 15 to find out who wins the lucky pot!

The finalists of Startup 4 climate are shortly listed below.

MyrspovenAI for optimizing energy use in buildings


CemVisionEfficient, fossil free process for cement production 


CetasolAI solution for optimizing marine vessel operation 


Novatron FusionDesign concept for the realization of fusion energy 


Rivus Energy storage using organic materials for a lower environmental impact 


AirZyme SwedenBiocatalysts for faster and more energy efficient carbon capture 


NovigeHarnessing renewable wave power around the globe 


TERRA ABwinner of People´s Vote – Childrens’ game for learning how to be a steward of the planet  

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