New THINGS Member Forloop
New THINGS Member Forloop

New THINGS Member Forloop is an AI company providing a solution for data handling, making it efficient and intelligent. applies ML and statistical methods to the data itself, accelerating the pre-model steps of cleaning, joining and transforming data. Freeing up time for creative data tasks that drive the business forward.

Today, most machine learning initiatives never make it to production due to time and effort to handle data and data workflows. To solve that – provides an easy-to-use data pipeline and preparation tool, with intelligence.

Sebastian Berg, Forloop

Created November 2020 it is today adopted by companies within transportation, logistics, real estate and e-commerce – helping their data teams to leverage ML by offloading time and effort on data tasks.

APX Ventures is a Marketing Agency that is data driven and ROI focused with the mission is to move away from the standardized “one size fits all”​ marketing approach and deliver customized solutions with measurable results.

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