Industrie 4.0 Launch Event 2021 in partnership with THINGS as the award is now globalizing!

Industrie 4.0 Launch Event 2021 by ROI-EFESO in partnership with us at THINGS is as a first step to globalize the German Industrie 4.0 Award! Through this award, ROI-EFESO and the leading German trade journal Produktion have been honouring companies since 2013, implement exceptionally forward-looking and successful digital projects in Smart Factory, Smart Supply Chain Management and Smart Products & Services. 

Industrie 4.0 Launch Event 2021 offers information on the award process, application time plan and evaluation. The evaluation consists of a carefully selected jury with over 30 top-class industry decision makers! The focus is consistently on the innovativeness and sustainability of the implemented solutions, the concrete added value of the project and the potential to be taken up as best practice by other companies.

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Industry 4.0 and IIoT technologies are at the core of the digital transformation in industry. They are the lever to ensure high operational excellence in the face of extreme complexity and volatility, to reduce costs, to increase decision quality, to increase flexibility and to develop new business models. At the same time, Industry 4.0 makes an important contribution to solving global challenges – such as reducing CO2 emissions, in healthcare, or in managing demographic change. 

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