SMSE: Stockholm IoT Summit/ 19 Jun 2019

A tradition since 2012, the makers and shakers of Swedish IoT gather to update each other on the latest development in different industries, applications and technologies by sharing real-life cases from the trenches and to touch base with…

Brasilia delegation @THINGS/ 25 Apr 2019

THINGS welcomes a business and government Brasilia delegation, responsible for the planning and building of the world's first IoT town for 200,000 from the ground up. Thanks to our alumnus Tannak International and Levertech for coordinating…

Björn Lindblom: THINGS Corporate Innovation Co-pilot/ 06 May 2019

THINGS Corporate Innovation Co-pilots exist to support corporate innovation leaders in developing their capabilities to navigate the digital transformation. Our Co-pilots help navigate or give a second opinion on ideas, plans and execution…

Sony delegation @THINGS/ 29 Aug 2019

Sony Japan visited THINGS to gain insights into startup and corporate collaboration in Sweden. Benefits for both parties are plentiful especially the positive effect on the innovation culture at a large company and for a startup such a…

EIT Urban @THINGS/ 13 Aug 2019

THINGS welcomed 43 international students from the EIT Digital Summer School for a full day at THINGS. We're pleased that they continue to put THINGS on their busy schedule every year. Our Acting CEO Katarina Fegeant presented THINGS and…

FLIR Demo Day @THINGS/ 12 Apr

Private, in-person presentations and demonstration of idea/ solutions to FLIR jury at THINGS in Stockholm as part of FLIR’s 2019 Innovation Challenge.
Stockholm Hardware workshop

REGISTER: sthlmHW workshop/ 10 Apr, 17:00-21:00

REGISTER: sthlmHW workshop/ Arduino Prototyping Without Coding.  An evening of experimentation and hacking with Noodl, a powerful platform for iterative design of new products. Hardware Included!

REGISTER: GOTO Low Power Systems/ 09 April, 17:30-21:00


Make your tech company go global. ICES @THINGS/ 3 April 2019

A hands-on seminar for Entrepreneurs who wants to take their company out in the world.

Stanford MBA students @THINGS: IoT related SMART CITIES in Stockholm/ 29 Mar 2019

THINGS has close relationships with relevant international academic institutions and were pleased to receive a 30 strong delegation of Stanford MBA students who were in Stockholm. The focused was on Smart Cities and specifically,…