THINGS SPACE2 Match™ Program

THINGS SPACE2 Match™ is part of our THINGS SPACE2 initiative supported by Vinnova. SPACE2 focusses on the growth and expansion of the Swedish Space ecosystem by leveraging THINGS’ expertise, programs, events and community to enable international business relationships between SpaceTech Scale ups and Corporates.

Wat THINGS have designed a quick-style matchmaking service for our members and partners to swiftly find SpaceTech companies to work with. Examples of topics in our matchmakings include space data, space communication and location based services using GPS. 

We use our SPACE2 Match™ site to manage the program including providing more information about the program, next matchmaking session including which SpaceTech companies participants can book meetings with and registration to the next session. Each registration is followed up by THINGS in order to verify relevance and needs, all in order to maximize value for all parties involved. People who are interested in SPACE2 Match™, the SPACE2 initiative or THINGS in general are welcome to contact us at

Participation in SPACE2 Match™ is free of charge and restricted to THINGS members and Partners. Non-members registering will be offered a THINGS membership (1200€/year) to participate in the matchmaking. 







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THINGS New Member: Orbify

THINGS New Member: Orbify

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