THINGS New Partner, Rymdkapital

THINGS New Partner

THINGS welcomes our new partner Rymdkapital to the community!

Rocket science isn’t Rocket science anymore. It’s newspace and human exploration, powered by the next generation Entrepreneurs.

Some of the worlds most pressing problems require the vantage point and breakthrough of Space with brave adventurers, explorers and new thinkers to find a solution – this also creates a trillion dollar investment opportunity in newspace.

Rymdkapital AB was established in early 2022 and is the first Nordic investment firm dedicated to European newspace companies and the founders and adventurers on the exploration expedition building new categories and legendary spacetech companies.

”Entrepreneurs are fantastic people to work with. I love their passion and enthusiasm; they work hard, are so eager to learn, and take direction well. I feel blessed every day to have found my passion, too – set companies up for success and give investors a high yield on their investment.”

Says – Ted Elvhage, Managing Partner Rymdkapital

Rymdkapital helps founders with capital, coaching and connections, connecting with space industry leaders and support for next stage funding through our wide EU/US network of co-investors.

To know more about Rymdkapital, click here.

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