Online event THINGS eXplore™ Fossil Free Energy, January 27 2022.

THINGS eXplore™ Fossil Free Energy will showcase hot topics and technologies for the energy generation, an area of interest growing exponentially in our international network on January 27th, 15:30-17:00 CET.

The event consists of 5 carefully selected tech companies, each one an expert in their part of the energy landscape, to present what they do and share insights from their “energy point of view”. We look for an open discussion between the speakers and the audience on opportunities and challenges with various solutions and technologies.

THINGS is really important for us (as) being a people company we rely on finding partners and especially with the startup community to be able to drive innovation in the facility management area. It’s really important to be a part of this and be able to find those companies that can add value to our business.

Fredrik Sandqvist, Head of Innovation and Service Development at Coor

Register for the event for free by signing up at the THINGS eXplore™ Fossil Free Energy eventpage.

THINGS eXplore™ is the format where we select important topics where organisations and individuals are interested in knowing more, and where tech companies push the limits and accelerate the pace of development. 

We run short digital events where a group of relevant THINGS members share knowledge and status of their work, as well as what they have learnt so far. It is an opportunity to share experiences across speakers and audience, and provides inspiration, information and new relations in just about an hour. It’s online, high energy, free and open to anyone to attend, and a great way to rapidly get on top of the topic of the day.

You can find our previous eXplore’s on our Youtube Channel: THINGS – Innovation Growhouse. For more updates of our events keep an eye out on our Events page.