THINGS eXecutive Update™ The Power of Analytics is hosted in partnership with KX, taking place online September 14 at 16:00-17:00 CEST! KX provides the most performant Streaming Analytics Platform to enable a number of Formular 1 teams, all major investment banks and other industries to analyze their data in real-time – on-premises, on the edge, in the cloud or in combination. 

Analytics has been growing in importance fueled by ever increasing power and speed of processors and computer storage. In order to make use of the enormous amounts of data generated, collected and stored today, organizations need to have solid data architectures in place and apply relevant tools from the entire toolbox for every single application.

THINGS eXecutive Update™ The Power of Analytics aims to explore the state of analytics today, by presenting a couple of real life cases from THINGS member companies who are commercially active in the field of Analytics today. you can register for the event for free, here.

Agenda & Speakers


  • 16:00 Welcome – Magnus Melander, Co-founder, THINGS.
  • 16:10 | Event Partner Intro – Jürgen Lübeck, Senior Business Executive, KX .
  • 16:20 | Detection of sensor instability in real-time – case from Water treatment – Jonas Bäckman, Founder and CEO, Gemit Solutions.
  • 16:30 |  Improving sales and productivity through embedded analytics and actionable insight for large sales organizations – Henrik Troselius, Founder, Goalplan
  • 16:40 | Streaming Analytics – from High-Frequency Trading to Formula 1 Telematics to Semiconductor Manufacturing; learn how automated real-time decisions can accelerate your business success – Thomas Degen, Solutions Engineer Industries, KX.
  • 16:50 | Q&A 

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THINGS eXecutive Update™ 

THINGS eXecutive Update™ format is designed for executives in THINGS member companies to rapidly get a deep dive into a challenging high priority topic from people who have done it and are kind enough to share their experience. Please contact Magnus Melander, or +46 70 230 72 51 for feedback or proposals, or if you want to become a member!