THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Products, online event, October 21 2021

THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Products is an online event taking place October 21, 15:30-17:00 CEST. It refers to the integration of IoT into systems which utilises advanced technology like analytics and machine learning in the edge, the core or both. Enabling products to become much smarter in many ways.

“With its lively digital mingling place “eBazaar”, THINGS is showing that great ideas and innovation always find new channels to succeed, regardless of the challenges imposed on them. Well curated with a professional and yet casual air, the buzzing sessions bring together the best newcomers with a crowd of established companies, both eager to collaborate on cutting edge developments and solutions. eBazaar is a true market place for negotiating and shaping our future!”

(Dr.) Kathrin DiPaola, Senior Investment Advisor at Business Sweden Berlin

IoT enables products to be connected to the Internet which adds opportunities to perform some basic tasks like tracking the product, check if it is operational, receive alarms from it etc. This enables us to resolve problems in sustainability, safety, security, efficiency and a host of other areas.

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An eBazaar™ has up to six selected THINGS members presenting their company and offerings to typically 50-80 relevant established companies. Each presentation is 15 minutes including Q&A so an eBazaar™ session is around 1,5 very well spent hours. 

The eBazaar™ is free for anyone to attend but we will always give priority to members of THINGS Enterprise Circle. We might charge a no-show fee of 60 € to attendees who sign up but don’t attend without notice. 

You can find our previous eBazaar’s on our Youtube Channel: THINGS – Innovation Growhouse. For more updates of our events keep an eye out on our Events page.