THINGS 6 Year Anniversary, The Power of Deep Tech

THINGS 6 Year anniversary; the Power of Deep Tech is taking place March 25th and this time it is fully digital!

Starting off with a joint Matchmaking event together with Ignite Sweden on the topic of Smart Manufacturing, we follow with our popular Executive Summit! The place where we present a marathon of nine real-life cases with our sharpest Deep tech members and their customers.

The Executive summit is a great opportunity to listen to how great companies have solved a problem, what the results were and what they learned in a very inspiring, interesting and thought provoking way. The cases are carefully mixed with three Insights on important technologies and concepts for the audience to bring home.

THINGS 6 Year Anniversary would not be complete without our amazing Wall of Fame! The moment where we present an exceptional and inspirational role model who has built a successful business empire based on pioneering innovative hardware technology within the startup community. This year we are not only looking within Sweden, but globally as we are expanding internationally!

Buy your tickets (150€/ticket) to the event and join us digitally the 25th of March! Or if you are a THINGS Member, join us for free using your Member Code!

THINGS Membership is an opportunity for startups and corporates to take part of the THINGS Community as well as be included in THINGS Members exclusive offers such as free access to events on relevant topics, international connections, community activities, prototyping and testing facilities and more. To find out more and become a THINGS Member you can visit our site for Startups or for Corporates.