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Autumn was quite busy last year. We warmly welcome alot of new THINGS members that joined us during the last quarter of the year 2022. Do check the list of New THINGS members and connect if you find them related….

THINGS Member PDSVision harness the potential of your digital data: reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximize revenue growth.
THINGS Member Intent delivers connected device projects to the market, help conceptualize, design and build digital products that work with physical devices. 
THINGS Member RIot Secure provides a range of technologies from cryptographic technology optimized for low-powered and resource constrained devices. 
THINGS Member VINCI Group is an innovation platform focused on the future of cities and infrastructure. 
THINGS Member Wtech GMBH creates innovative technological solutions for smart and efficient buildings. 
THINGS New Member, Talent X TalentX observes external & internal signals that increases the probability of a talent to be available by predicting events like merger, restructuring or bankruptcy.
THINGS Member Consat offers services in IT, Life Science, Vehicles, Automation, Product Development, ITS systems for Public Transport and Energy Efficiency. 
THINGS Member WireTronic provide products and services to Automotive, Defence and Aviation industries.
THINGS Member OrbitMI works towards the mission to unlock the hidden value in data generated by maritime to help the entire sector become more efficient, profitable and sustainable.
THINGS Member Stroma unlocks new business value through revolutionary work safety services. 
THINGS Member AllBinary is a team with many specializations – mainly in digital solutions (IOT & IOE)
THINGS Member Cloud Backend takes its users from centralized to decentralized data, and enables fast, scalable and secure software. 
THINGS Member NewCore facilitate the shift from Product to Products-as-a-service
THINGS Member Lolo builds visual event-driven NodeJS applications.
THINGS Partner Green Cap Solutions offers a unique, sustainable, energy efficient and chemical free process for capturing CO2 from ambient air. 
THINGS Member Cetasol promotes Intelligent Solutions for Sustainability. Sustainability should be a simple choice. 

We have a lot of new members joining THINGS community in 2023. Dont miss out the updates about them!

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