New THINGS Member, SeaSapphire


THINGS welcomes our new member SeaSapphire to the community!

SeaSapphire, powered by Eolus and Simply Blue Group, will utilise innovative and cutting-edge floating offshore wind technologies to produce zero-carbon electricity in 4 wind parks in Sweden and Finland.

The development aims to be a stepping stone to help Sweden and Finland progress towards a net-zero future and handle the increasing demand for electricity.

  • Floating wind foundations are normally used in deep waters where fixed foundations are no longer economically feasible.
  • WindEurope estimates 80% of the wind resource in Europe is in waters beyond 60 m deep.
  • Therefore, floating wind is going to play a key role in the development of offshore wind pipelines in many countries including Sweden and Finland.
  • SeaSapphire aim at exploring the potential of using the marine space in the parks for seaweed farming and will work with local companies, universities and researchers to evaluate the potential in the Baltic Sea.
  • SeaSapphire has the ambition to explore the establishment of e-Fuels production close to the wind parks in collaboration with local stakeholders.
  • e-Fuels e.g. hydrogen, green ammonia, HVO, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, e-methanol; can be produced with the electricity generated from wind parks, water and CO2 from the air.

SeaSapphire brings together a strong partnership to help unlock Sweden’s and Finland’s floating offshore wind potential. The partnership is comprised of Eolus and Simply Blue Group. 

To know more about SeaSapphire, click here.

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