New THINGS Member, Scling


THINGS welcomes our new member Scling to the community!

Scling was created from a desire to use the power of data to make a positive impact on the world.

Scling builds and operates “data factories” for the customers, including data platform and data pipelines that run on the platform. From a customer perspective, they provide a data refinement process, where raw data material is ingested at one end, and refined valuable data artifacts are emitted at the other end. 

Becoming data-driven

Scling offers a partnership solution for extracting value from data. They build, host, operate data platforms and data flows on behalf of clients. Raw, unprocessed data is ingested and stored in the platform and data flows. According to each client’s needs, refined, valuable data artifacts of business value is produced- anything from simple reports to machine learning services.

Extracting data value

In a data platform, ingested data is copied as datasets into a data lake or into data streams for real-time processing. Once data has been ingested into the data platform, it is processed in data pipelines.

Journey to data maturity

The journey to data maturity and data-driven features is a path of discovery where steps are chosen based on learning from working with the data.

Scling’s mission is to enable established companies to benefit from the value in data at a level and efficiency that has so far been restricted to a tiny set of highly technical companies.

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