New THINGS Member IPercept, September 1 2021

New THINGS Member, IPercept!
IPercept Technology makes the users of industrial machinery more efficient by providing automated and plug&play condition monitoring solutions, which are customized to the specifics of complex machines.

Its technology combines state of the art sensor technology, a patent-pending test procedure, a physics based virtual model and proprietary algorithms developed in over 5 years of research. Its subscription based service empowers both end users and manufacturers of machines to accelerate the sustainable growth of equipment utilization on an unprecedented scale. Downtime, scrap-rate, maintenance costs and necessary replacement components are significantly reduced through the introduction of plug & play automation of condition monitoring, which is adapted to the specifics of complex machines.

IPercept Technology’s focus has been on the end users of machine tools and robots of the Swedish manufacturing industry but the company has a clear long term ambition – to go after a global market of some 60+ million machines and become the number one option for overall equipment manufacturers in condition monitoring.

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