New THINGS Member, Hybrid Greentech


New THINGS Member, Hybrid Greentech

We proudly welcome our new THINGS Member, Hybrid Greentech, expert in delivering Intelligent reductions of your electricity cost by optimising your energy storage assets.

Hybrid Greentech inspires organisations to be green pioneers and invest in electrical energy storage so that together we can reach 100% renewable energy. By using the latest research and industry knowledge, we are developing a fully integrated data-driven AI software ecosystem for energy storage and Power To X. Our software identifies the best investment decisions for each specific use case and operates storage assets to increase revenue and performance.

Hybrid Power Plants: Combining wind, sun and energy storage is key for reaching 100% renewables in the energy sector.They can assist you in sizing and performance optimization of your energy storage solution in your Hybrid Power Plant.

Hybrid Marine: Combining energy storage with diesel generators on ships and vessels introduces significant cost savings on fuel. Hybrid Greentech can assist you in finding and evaluating the right energy storage solution for your vessels.

Micro Grids: 1.2 billion people are without electricity in the world. Combining wind, sun and energy storage in remote areas will provide cheap, reliable and sustainable electricity to more people. Hybrid Greentech can assist you in finding and  sizing the right energy storage solution for your microgrid.

I have been passionate about batteries and fuel cell technologies since 1999. I will make sure that you get the most value out of Energy Storage System as it is the key enabler for a world running on 100% renewable energy

Rasmus Rode Mosbaek

CEO, Hybrid Greentech

Hybrid Greentech is your catalyst for energy storage uptake.

  • We deliver a fully AI-driven virtual power plant, that increases revenue and performance of energy storage.
  • We operate a unique digital backbone, that makes it simple to leverage the full revenue potential for energy storage.
  • We support organisations in the effort to reach 100% renewable energy. 

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