New THINGS Member, Flox Robotics

Flox Robotics

THINGS welcomes our new member Flox Robotics to the community!

Flox Robotics turns what was previously a human-wildlife conflict to a new way of protecting natural resources and avoiding wildlife collisions in shared landscapes.

Helping humans and wildlife coexist.

Flox started in order to support stakeholders in the areas of agriculture, forestry and infrastructure that want to adopt sustainable, cost-effective solutions for coexistence with wildlife that leads to everything from increased agricultural production by preventing food loss to collision avoidance with vehicles.

  • Know everything about wildlife in your area

  • Accurate, reliable, and repeatable wildlife management

  • Advanced AI back-end software

Target Areas
  • Maximizing crop production

  • Protecting young forest

  • Avoiding wildlife-strikes at airports

  • Avoiding wildlife collisions with cars

Flox Robotics started off in 2020 and since then they have developed, tested and validated the solution together with various stakeholders and researchers all over Europe and Northern US.

To know more about Flox Robotics, click here.

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