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There’s precious data EVERYWHERE. Even your simplest processes and assets are glowing with untapped digital potential.

CTHINGS build 5G IoT solutions to help you transform invisible data into better decisions.

CTHINGS bridge IoT platforms and 5G connectivity with industrial operations and applications. As a result, they help Enterprise businesses maximize their potential by understanding the precious data hidden in their processes and assets. They also help Telco businesses rapidly monetize and scale 5G IoT solutions towards verticals.


  • Make it happen : They think about solutions and bring them into reality by creating new technology from scratch.
  • Flexible and agile : They build elements that can be combined into ideal solutions for unique situations.
  • Full cooperation : They see the customers challenges as the next big opportunity to innovate and disrupt 5G IoT.

We are happy to be part of the THINGS ecosystem as every time we have gathered so far in an event organized by THINGS we walked away with two new customer projects in our pipeline”

Aleksandar Bogoevski


Their vision is to provide the end customers with accurate and reliable systems and data that allow them to cut costs and become more competitive by streamlining processes, improving efficiency, ensuring safety, and optimizing operations.
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