eBazaar Smart Utilities

REGISTER: https://things-smart-utilities.confetti.events

eBazaars is a new online event series to help our startup members at THINGS reach relevant larger customers during these challenging days. Each eBazaar typically has up to six selected member companies. They will present their company to up to 20 persons from relevant established companies (potential customers, partners or investors). Each presentation is 15 minutes including Q&A so the eBazaar session is around 1,5 hours. The event is conducted on Zoom which requires no software installation to join. 

Smart utilities is grounded in technology and is critical to meeting the service demands of booming populations and emission challenges for greater efficiency and a greener community. Examples of such technology include smart meters and grids, forecasting with AI, sensors, distributed energy platforms, communication networks plus the automated, self regulation of these systems via data and advanced analytics are important tools to reduce costs and lower emissions. The term utilities refers to services consumed by the public such as coal, electricity, natural gas, clean and renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels, water, waste deposal, sewage, telecommunications and transportation.