SMSE: Stockholm IoT Summit/ 19 Jun 2019

A tradition since 2012, the makers and shakers of Swedish IoT gather to update each other on the latest development in different industries, applications and technologies by sharing real-life cases from the trenches and to touch base with…

Björn Lindblom: THINGS Corporate Innovation Co-pilot/ 06 May 2019

THINGS Corporate Innovation Co-pilots exist to support corporate innovation leaders in developing their capabilities to navigate the digital transformation. Our Co-pilots help navigate or give a second opinion on ideas, plans and execution…

Brasilia delegation @THINGS/ 25 Apr 2019

THINGS welcomes a business and government Brasilia delegation, responsible for the planning and building of the world's first IoT town for 200,000 from the ground up. Thanks to our alumnus Tannak International and Levertech for coordinating…

THINGS 4 Year Anniversary: Where startups & corporates meet/ 21 Mar 2019

Together with our ever-growing B2B and industry focused community, THINGS celebrated our 4 year anniversary and collaborative efforts to realise THINGS vision: ”Transform innovation in small companies into large-scale value creation…
THINGS Wall of Fame Fireside Chat

THINGS Wall of Fame Fireside Chat: Stina Ehrensvärd, Nicolas Hassbjer & John Elvesjö/ 26 October 2018

THINGS is a coworking place with a hardware, B2B and industrial focus. Founded in 2015, it is a space where startups and industry meet. THINGS Wall of Fame award is presented each year to an exceptional individual who has built a successful business empire based on pioneering innovative hardware technology. We had the pleasure of meeting three of our hardware heroes during a fireside chat in October 2018 [...]

Adaptive Simulation is now Ingrid Cloud/ 6 Aug 2018

Ingrid Cloud is now the commercial name for the engineering simulation tool developed by researches that are based here at Things Stockholm. Former Adaptive Simulation, is one of many examples that growth usually comes together with rebranding. “The process of naming was, at first, intuitive. We developed an adaptive algorithm for flow [...]
Ignite Sweden celebrating 1000 meetings

Ignite Sweden reaches 1,000 business meetings between startups and corporates - Stockholm Exergi partnering up with 30 May 2018

Ignite Sweden can already showcase several successful collaborations such as Alfa Laval and Ekkono. A recent addition to it's successes is an AI-powered energy case between Stockholm Exergi (formerly Fortum Värme) and In conjunction with the Nordic Clean Energy Week, Ignite Sweden brought together 13 corporates and 51 startups at the MINC incubator in Malmö last week. It also coincided [...]

5 minutes with Magnus Melander on THINGS’ Get On Top Of (GOTO) concept/ 7 May 2018

What is the concept behind Get On Top Of (GOTO)? GOTO was established to help Swedish industry prosper. It is a collaborative learning forum bringing together the best minds from our extended community to collectively anticipate, inspire, drive and engage in what will happen next. What happens during an after-work event? The format is high energy, 15 min knowledge and insight sharing presentations [...]

Stina Ehrensvärd, CEO and co-founder of Yubico joins THINGS' Wall of Fame/ 3 April 2018

THINGS’ Wall of Fame is an annual award presented in recognition of an exceptional individual who has built a successful business empire based on pioneering innovative technology that has come to define the world we live in. Thereby acting as an inspirational role model for the startup community in Sweden. THINGS’ 2018 Wall of Fame is awarded to Stina Ehrensvärd, CEO and co-founder of Yubico. [...]

Enterprise Circle Executive Summit/ 22 March 2018

THINGS Stockholm’s Executive Summit is a first time gathering of our Enterprise Circle corporate partners and startup members and friends at our co-working space which is located on the KTH campus. 33 corporates and 15 startups participated on a half day knowledge and experience exchange consisting of: 1. Collaborative case studies between corporates and startups. 2. 10x 5 minutes speed pitches [...]