Ecosystem Navigators

Stockholm April 14 2020. The Deep tech hub THINGS in Stockholm today announced a new service for its international and national members of THINGS Enterprise Circle (TEC): Swedish Tech ecosystem navigation. The service responds to a growing interest from THINGS’ enterprise members to have a dedicated person with knowledge and relationships in the Swedish Tech ecosystem including the startups, helping them to keep track of and connect directly into the vibrant ecosystem on a regular basis. 

“We are happy to be able to respond to corporates’ needs to navigate our Swedish Tech ecosystem, to understand how to best involve themselves actively in that ecosystem down the road. This is a great and cost efficient service for the corporates in our sectors, and will allow us to introduce even more potential customers to THINGS startup members across Sweden. Our service supports Sweden as a whole, since it helps foreign companies to move one step closer to and start working together with the Swedish tech ecosystem”, says Magnus Melander, Evangelist and co-founder at THINGS.

For more information about THINGS Enterprise Circle and our new Swedish Tech ecosystem navigators service please contact Magnus Melander,, +46 70 230 72 51.