THINGS Lab/ Workshop

THINGS Lab is our in-house 3d-printing and laser cutting prototyping and testing workshop, complete with traditional tools and machines. It is available 24/7 free of charge to all THINGS members and is supported twice a week by knowledgeable prototyping assistants currently studying at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

3d printers

3d printers are fantastic for initial prototyping and can significantly speed up the product development process by providing a quick, cheap and efficient way to check dimensions and test complicated parts.

The 3d printers available in THINGS Lab is sponsored by our network partner 3DVERKSTAN. They offer also a free 1 day 3d printing training program on their premises on Rehnsgatan for THINGS members in addition to 10-20% discount on printing materials.

Fused Deposition Modellers (Ultimaker 2 and 3)

The Ultimaker 2 prints in PLA through a single feeder and the Ultimaker 3 can print in 2 materials at once, so offers more variety and can print more complex parts. Both models are available in the THINGS Lab.

Selective Laser Sintering (Formlabs)

A SLS 3d-printer uses UV light to harden resin as the prototype forms top down and is perfect when geometric complexity increases. The obvious advantage is the ability to print far more detailed and complex models. However the resin is toxic so enquires gloves to handle and models require more post processing.

3d printing slicing software

A CAD model is required to 3d print and any file type can be used. The FDM Ultimaker machines uses Cura and the SLS machine uses Preform as the slicing software (fusion between CAD and machines).

Laser cutter

A 640 x 460 cutting bed suitable for plastic, wood, foam and cardboard. The laser cutter can be used to create a diverse range of things.

More traditional tools

Belt Grinder
Drilling machine
Soldering equipment
Comprehensive set of hand tools


There are 2 large metal shelves, which can be used temporarily for members to store prototyping/ engineering projects. The only requirement is that all materials are labelled and dated. Speak to our KTH Prototyping Assistants who will be happy to help!


THINGS supplies all basic materials. Speak to our KTH prototyping assistants who will be happy to help!

Alice and Anton our KTH Prototyping Assistants!

Alice Moss. KTH Student: MSc Engineering Design, Mechanical Engineering.
Anton Johner Olin. KTH Student:  MSc Design and Product Realisation.

Alice and Anton are each available 2hrs a week (Mondays 1-3pm and Weds 10-12) for drop-in training, assistance, refine settings, resolution & surface quality, optimize parts, trouble shooting etc. They are are also available by email. Alice and Anton are here to give members the confidence to use machines and importantly understand their limitations also. Training and demonstration lasts typically 1 hour and bespoke support is available upon request.