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Smart Transportation refers to better ways of transporting goods in terms of sustainability, efficiency, security, predictability and cost. Next-generation transport systems will spring out from the convergence between on-demand, sharing, electrification, and autonomy. It relates to infrastructure as well as vehicles, standards and systems. 

An eBazaar™ has up to six selected THINGS members presenting their company and offerings to typically 50-80 relevant established companies. Each presentation is 15 minutes including Q&A so an eBazaar™ session is around 1,5 very well spent hours.

The eBazaar™ is free for anyone to attend but we will always give priority to members of THINGS Enterprise Circle. We might charge a no-show fee of 600 SEK to attendees who sign up but don’t attend without notice.

Please contact Magnus Melander, or +46 70 230 72 51 for questions, feedback or proposals.

Note: The eBazaar™ will be conducted in English and will be recorded. THINGS reserves the right to use the recording for promotional purposes i.e. uploading to our YouTube channel. Zoom records only persons speaking during the event. As a participant, please write your first name so we can identify your attendance and please feel free to switch off your camera.

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