Swedish Mobile awards is a 19 years old institution on the Swedish Tech Scene and several of the Swedish unicorns once were awarded there. The Award ceremony is part of Connected Business Days, which for the first time taking place in spectacular Studio in Malmö away from Stockholm.

It amazing to see four of the members from THINGS are nominated for the awards this year which not only underlines the importance of hardware in IoT but also indicates the cretical role THINGS plays as the hardware hub for startup in Stockholm.

Neuelabs is one of the nominees for the IoT Hardware Company Award, where ideas brought to life from prototype to production in fashion tech and wearables. Inkonova drones on the other hand have the ultimate drone for mine and tunnel operations. Who is also nominated for the IoT Hardware Company Award 2017.

Light Flex and Racefox share the nomination for Innovation of the year Award at the Swedish Mobile awards. Light Flex works with printed active light incorporated in clothing. Racefox is chosen as one of the nominee for their work with real time motion analysis through sensor for skiers.

“We are partners to Connected Business Days in Malmö and I will be very proud to see our members entering the stage on Thursday”, says Linda Krondahl, CEO of THINGS. “We are celebrating our 2 year anniversary at THINGS March 30 and having four nominees at the Swedish Mobile Awards already feels absolutely great”, concludes Mrs Krondahl.