Swedish IoT Delegation at IoT Solutions World Congress 2019
Swedish IoT delegation attends IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona 29-31 October 2019.
IoT Solutions World Congress 29-31 October 2019

THINGS was proud to be an Ambassador at the fifth edition of the IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) in Barcelona. The event organized by Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and Fira attracted 16,000 visitors. Designed as a showcase of digital transformation in different industrial sectors the Congress focused on nine themes: connected transport, manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare, buildings and infrastructure, open industry, enabling IoT, AI and cognitive systems, and blockchain.

The Swedish delegation of companies – Attentec, CGIEkkono SolutionsImagimobMTEKStream Analyze, THINGS, WSI and WBIRD – were amongst the 350 exhibitors. The alliance of Swedish IoT companies and THINGS have participated at IOTSWC since 2016. Magnus Melander, co-founder of THINGS and founder of WBIRD, organized the Swedish Smörgåsbord seminar and hosted a VIP Rooftop event with invited executives. 

Magnus Melander shares his tips and insights on the Congress:

Business Opportunities

– This is all about the Industrial Internet and Industrial IoT so anyone with that interest should attend. It’s an international event with attendees representing 120 countries, there were 300 top-notch speakers and some of the leading companies in IoT solutions were present as exhibitors, sponsors and partners.

Congress Highlights

– High-caliber content combined with exemplary speakers in the main seminar program, the nine tracks and the IIC testbeds where IoT based collaborative projects were exhibited. Each testbed explained how IoT was delivering benefits to its audience e.g. self-driving electric car inbuilt with a cybersecurity system.

Growing Trend for IoT applications 

– As more and more enterprises go from trials to commercial roll-out we will see industries becoming increasingly competitive based on tech-driven innovation. Technology needed to fuel this development is already here and proof of concepts will be replaced by proof of value, i.e. we don’t need to see if things work any longer the focus will be more on the use cases.

Niche IoT exhibitions 

– We are already at the point where IoT is too generic and most companies are applying their solutions to industries, segments or even single companies. Therefore, IoT companies increasingly attend more niched events and only few larger generic ones remain.

THINGS plans to join the alliance for Swedish IoT to the Mobile World Congress (MWC), 24-27 Feb 2020 in Barcelona and the Digital Enterprise Show (DES), 19-21 May 2020 in Madrid.