3D Print Farm

Based at THINGS, Stockholm Makerspace is a non profit organisation for members who are interested in creating things. Frustrated with authority’s inaction to protect healthcare workers Erik Cederberg, board member of Stockholm Makerspace designed a 3D file of plastic that circumnavigates the head in an arc. The face shield is created when attaching it to a sheet of plastic. With this file Theeo Paakki of Stockholm Makerspace started a 24 hour 3D print operation at THINGS producing between 2000-2500 of the plastic forms daily on up to 36 3D printers most of which have been kindly donated. The PLA or material used to print and plastic sheets were also donated. Paakki and his team of volunteers have been working around the clock and have since produced over 20,000 face shields. Cederberg’s open source 3D file has spread across the globe and is currently being printed in many countries including the US.

THINGS is proud to offer support and the venue for the 3D print farm. You can watch the story about the project on SVT here. OBS in Swedish.