Startup 4 Climate Finalists!

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In partnership between Ellevio, and GodEl along with their partners, THINGS and We Don’t Have Time, Startup 4 Climate was established with the aim of accelerating the energy transition. The are happy to announce the eight finalists who will now get to pitch their innovation in front of the jury on Oct 13!

  • NitroCapt, production licenses for a fossil-free nitrogen fertilisers and nitric acid.
  • Sally R, software and cloud-based services to optimise HVAC systems in buildings
  • Helios Innovations, cleaning saltwater with industrial waste heat
  • Cetasol,real time energy optimisation for small and medium-sized vessels
  • Rebase Energy, an open and collaborative energy modelling platform
  • Elonroad, electric roads charging infrastructure for all electric vehicles
  • Tentania (winner of people’s vote), cloud and communication platform to optimise energy usage
  • Zigrid, transforming wasted heat energy into electricity

Congratulations to the finalist! Winners will be selected during the UN climate conference COP27 in early November!

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