Private Mobile Networks

Executive Update – Created for THINGS Enterprise Circle partners. Invite only.

One of the more discussed use cases for 5G is Private Mobile Networks that would provide large organisations with their own capable and secure mobile network for a campus, city or region. There are a broader range of spectrum options that enables private LTE and 5G networks. Regulators around the world are working on how to best manage such capability from a spectrum point of view. Arthur D Little predicts the market for Private Campus Networks, services, and solutions to be worth EUR 60-70 billion by 2025. 

This THINGS Executive Update is arranged with Mavenir Networks and is an excellent opportunity to rapidly get up-to-date on the private mobile network development including challenges and opportunities. Mavenir is a leader in accelerating and redefining network transformation for Service Providers by offering a comprehensive product portfolio across every layer of the network infrastructure stack and is deeply involved in the development of private mobile networks. We have also invited speakers from other relevant organisations to try to give you a complete picture, and these will be announced shortly. 

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