As a main partner to THINGS, KTH offers access to their Prototype Center with extensive resources via their 4-6 KTH Prototyping Assistants for a small fee of 300 SEK/ hr. Speak either directly to the 2 KTH Prototype Assistants who are here at THINGS twice a week and are available on a drop-in basis or contact directly Lasse Hässler, Co-ordinator at KTH Prototype Center.

KTH Prototyping Assistants are highly skilled and via the combined expertise of the 4-6 KTH Protyping Assistants, they are able to assist student, staff and KTH’s external engineering clients in all areas. Tasks can include:

-Workshop time.
-Training on some KTH courses concerning prototyping and manufacture.
-Producing initial concept pieces. 
-Advising on engineering designs.
-Producing 3d, technical drawings and schematics for products.
-Other related tasks etc.

A full list of the equipment resources at KTH Prototype Center is available here: