Sting Bioeconomy Incubate startups
Sting Bioeconomy incubate startups

Sting Bioeconomy joins the Deep tech hub

The Sting Bioeconomy incubator joined the Deep tech hub, THINGS, recently to create more growth opportunities, improve their visibility and increase accessibility in Stockholm. The THINGS membership also provides the incubator’s startups, currently Drinor, Bright Day Graphene, Wood Tube, MeCovers, Melker of Sweden and Green Wood, with office space and meeting facilities. The membership gives Sting Bioeconomy, networking opportunities amongst both THINGS startup members and corporate partners. 

“By being at THINGS, we gain new opportunities to develop our business to becoming an international and recognizable hub. We already have a presence in a few places but having a physical hub in Stockholm makes us more accessible. In addition, THINGS offer an environment conducive for meetings and building new networks, something we see great value in,” said STING Bioeconomy CEO Victor Isaksen.

Stockholm is home to more than one fourth of Sweden’s businesses and, despite advances in digital communication, there is a need to meet people face to face when conducting business. Thanks to successful startups like iZettle and Spotify, Stockholm is fast becoming a global tech hub with a thriving investor network and a buzzing startup ecosystem.

“Our main task at THINGS is to help the startups who are with us find the right contacts, to help establish the business through everything we offer. One of the main reasons startups, including those from other parts of Sweden like Ekkono Solutions and MTEK, are attracted to THINGS is our partnerships with enterprises,” concluded THINGS CEO Linda Krondahl. 

About Sting Bioeconomy
Sting Bioeconomy is an international incubator making a positive impact. Their mission is to develop and increase the number of bioeconomy companies, making them ready to contribute to making the world a little better.