GOTO Smart Mobility

Now when most organisations are internally focused to cope with the covid-19 challenges it is hard to maintain and create new business. This is extremely difficult for smaller companies who already operate on thin margins and with little in the bank. At THINGS we believe the best we can do to help our members/alumni startups now is to support their efforts to fill up their sales funnels. As a consequence we have decided to focus all our resources on business oriented activities and events for our Member/Alumni companies and our corporate member of THINGS Enterprise Circle. Sadly this event is postponed until further notice.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is the integration of a city’s various forms of transportation services into a single mobility platform accessible on demand. The concept was invented a few years ago to remedy urbanization challenges. This movement towards MaaS is fueled by a myriad of innovative new mobility service providers such as ride-sharing, scooter sharing systems and car-sharing services. A smart mobility platform needs to support all types of urban mobility related services, multi-lateral business relationships, data integrity, financial transactions and be agile, secure, robust and scalable. The trend is motivated by the anticipation of self-driving cars which is widely expected to make mobility significantly more affordable.

Get On Top Of-event series aims to give you a rapid understanding of what the technology actually is, what it can be used for and how to get going. On stage, you will find people who are knowledgeable, have actual experience and also understand that you don’t inspire people with a sales pitch. We open the doors 17.30, start presentations 18.15 and close the doors at 21. We always offer a bite and a drink during these events. This is a free event.