Executive Summit Deep tech

Magnus Melander, our Co-founder, kicked off the Executive Summit on Deep tech despite COVID-19 challenges. The Executive Summit was delivered by way of livestream to those that were constrained by travel restrictions and some of the speakers also connected digitally to the Summit. Seven startups presented their Deep tech technology and use cases for industry applications to an intimate group of representatives from large corporates and investors in the room as well as the greater THINGS network who followed the Summit.

Magnus Melander went on to give an update on our Enterprise Circle partners which currently stands at 40+ companies interested in digital transformation and working with startups. Linda Krondahl, CEO and Co-founder brought us up to date on the startup numbers, 36 members and 86 alumni companies representing 28 nationalities. Plus there is a special membership category for four legged members, nine dogs currently enjoy access to THINGS! Ignite Sweden’s Stina Lantz shared the impressive figure of 101 collaborations between startups and corporates since the program’s inception in 2017.

In closing Chairman Pär Hedberg announced our next Wall of Fame inductee. Congratulations to Thomas Öström, CEO and founder of Climeon. Each year a startup founder who has built a successful business empire based on pioneering innovative hardware technology receives the prestigious award. Thomas joins an exceptional group which currently includes Stina Ehrensvärd of Yubico, John Elvesjö from Tobii, Martin Gren from Axis Communications, Nicolas Hassbjer from HMS and Sven Lindstöm of Midsummer. The jury stated as motivation for the award that “Thomas Öström has made the impossible possible by converting waste heat and geothermal energy into clean electricity. By combining deep technical and business understanding the company solved issues that in theory should work, but turned out to be very difficult in practice. Founded in 2011, Climeon has in less than 10 years moved from an idea into a fully functional solution, packaged in a scalable design, flexible enough to cater for a variety of industries. Despite a difficult industry, Thomas has been able to enthuse both customers and investors and managed to develop the company into a viable business. Today, the company has reached a turnover of 117 MSEK, 100 employees and a valuation of 3 BSEK.

The Deep Tech Startups
Ekkono Solutions – Getting through Purgatory: Life after PoC
Ekkono’s Melissa Jenkins and Sandvik’s Petra Sundström shared how a proof of concept, in the case of Ekkono’s edge machine learning, applied to Sandvik’s crusher mantles to predict their remaining useful life can lead to a successful roll out of the technology.

Imagimob – Radar & Edge AI: Gesture Controlled Headphone at CES 2020
Anders Hardebring explained how they went about building a gesture detection application based on radar and Edge AI with high robustness and accuracy that runs on a small chip with constrained resources for a case study with Acconeer.

Sentian.AI – Jumo: Case study of Intelligent Automation
Martin Rugfeldt took us through Sentian’s efforts to reduce variation for the large global company Jumo’s high tech manufacturing processes by applying AI intelligibly to reduce costs and improve revenue.

MTek Industry – Digitalization and Flexible Automation
Oscar Wallner described their products and shared briefly the case study involving the installation of their software at a major multinational EMS client transforming a 100% manual assembly line to a fully automated process thereby improving quality and reducing production cost and time.

Gleechi – Securing Competence with Virtual Reality
Jakob Way highlighted the benefits of VR when it comes to training. VR reduces the time spent in training, reduces injury and equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to carry out the specific tasks of the job.

Inkonova – Aerial, Autonomous, Inspection Robotics and Automated Analysis
Pau Mallol explained the scope of their products application for mining and gave us an example of how their autonomous drones and 3D scanning ability can navigate such confined areas with a high level of efficiency.

Greenlytics – AI for Intelligent Energy Management
Sebastian Haglund-El Ghaidi shared details of their collaboration with ABB which resulted in improved energy use forecasts of 30% and an estimated saving of 15% less CO2 emissions.

You can find the video of the Executive Summit – Deep tech on our YouTube channel, The Deep tech hub – THINGS http://bit.ly/3cVuii9