InnoBrain the neurotech startup

The tech company has developed a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) platform to provide usability testing for medical devices. Manufacturers obtain objective and unbiased information from the evaluation process saving time and money during the development process. The application can be applied to many other industries. 


“The platform that we are providing right now reduces the usability failures and that would actually help the lives of millions of people around the world,” says InnoBrain CEO Mohammad Davari

Despite considerable advances in the medical device industry and improvements in usability testing methods, there have been about 83 000 deaths and 1.7 million injuries in the past decade, according to the U.S Food and Drug Administration ICIJ analysis, exclusively due to the usability failures of medical devices. InnoBrain’s BCI platform is a way of accelerating the approval process by providing safe and user-friendly devices. Bringing a medical device to market takes an average of three to seven years with testing and redesign and can cost tens or even hundreds of million dollars. The common errors include issues with manufacturing, design, lack of user knowledge on device use and poor quality. 

BCI applications enable users to interact with devices whilst simultaneously measuring the brain activity of the user. The electrical activity is measured with electroencephalography (EEG). Add artificial intelligence and machine learning and BCI applications can decode the cognitive behavior of the user, extracting objective information such as emotion, concentration, mental load and engagement. Valuable information for medical device manufacturers as user responses are discovered early and products become optimized for a better user experience. 

How it all started?

Brothers Mohammad and Masih Davari registered InnoBrain in 2017. Whilst working at Audi, Mohammad became interested in neuroscience as a concept for replacing subjective testings. This interest continued whilst working as a researcher at KTH. On one of his trips back home to Iran he discovered that his brother, an architect student at Lund University, shared similar thoughts on neuroscience. Masih’s master thesis was on neuro architecture. Together they started InnoBrain and began work developing their usability platform. The third co-founder is a Neuroscientist and is the former head of brain imaging labs at the National Brain Mapping laboratory in Iran. Parivash was a tutor in one of the neuroscience workshops Mohammad attended. As a PhD student at KTH, Mohammad received early support from KTH Innovation and in 2017 InnoBrain was accepted into their pre-incubator program. 

Award Winning Startup

SKAPA Stockholms Län Award Winner 2019
When Mohammad applied for Sweden’s biggest innovation prize, the SKAPA award he thought his chances of winning slim as entrepreneurs are plentiful in Sweden. 

“I never expected that someone actually would believe in the idea that we had. It is something else that others believe in you. I was really surprised, just [wanted] to scream out of happiness,” remembers Mohammad.   

Business Challenge 2019 2nd Runner Up
A national competition focusing on growth companies. The winners are awarded a place in their one year long business development program. Some of the founding partners include Tillväxtverket, SEB, Scania and Volkswagen.

Looking for collaboration and partnerships

With a strong eight person team of neuroscientists, business professionals, developers and industry advisors the startup is poised to take on more pilot customers. They participated in the Ignite Sweden Data event at STING in 2019, a state-run initiative to match startups with corporates, and thought the event valuable in terms of meeting the companies and getting to know the challenges in industry.  

“The priority is to do more pilots with potential customers” and another of their priorities is to build partnerships. “That will actually make [us] progress faster,” adds Mohammad.

InnoBrain is currently a member of THINGS – the Deep tech hub.
Read about THINGS startup offering here. And click here to apply.