Thomas Öström

Öström becomes THINGS next industry hero 

Founder and CEO of Climeon Thomas Öström was inducted into THINGS Wall of Fame on March 12 via a COVID-19 friendly digital linkup at THINGS´ co-working space on the KTH campus. Each year a startup founder who has built a successful business empire based on pioneering innovative hardware technologyreceives the elite award. Thomas joins an exceptional group of individuals which currently includes Stina Ehrensvärd of Yubico, John Elvesjö from Tobii, Martin Gren from Axis Communications, Nicolas Hassbjer from HMS and Sven Lindstöm of Midsummer.

”Thomas Öström has made the impossible possible by converting waste heat and geothermal energy into clean electricity” said THINGS CEO Linda Krondahl. 

Sweden has long been seen as a pioneer of sustainability. In asset manager RobecoSAM’s latest Country Sustainability Ranking came Sweden out on top as the world’s most sustainable nation. With an innovative culture, the country has spurred many startups tackling energy problems. As a leading company in converting low temperature heat into power systems Climeon is an inspiration to many startups. Tech billionaires Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and Mark Zuckerberg invested 115 MSEK in Climeon’s financing company Baseload Capital last year through their fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures, established to counter the effects of climate change. 

“We have a requirement from Breakthrough that they want us to save 1% of the CO2 by 2050” shared Öström.

You can find the video containing Thomas’ presentation on our YouTube channel, The Deep tech hub – THINGS