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3D Print Farm

Based at THINGS, Stockholm Makerspace is a non profit organisation for members who are interested in creating things. Frustrated with authority’s inaction to protect healthcare workers Erik Cederberg, board member of Stockholm Makerspace designed a 3D file of plastic that circumnavigates the head in an arc. The face shield is created when attaching it to […]

Thomas Öström

Öström becomes THINGS next industry hero  Founder and CEO of Climeon Thomas Öström was inducted into THINGS Wall of Fame on March 12 via a COVID-19 friendly digital linkup at THINGS´ co-working space on the KTH campus. Each year a startup founder who has built a successful business empire based on pioneering innovative hardware technologyreceives the […]

Executive Summit Deep tech

Magnus Melander, our Co-founder, kicked off the Executive Summit on Deep tech despite COVID-19 challenges. The Executive Summit was delivered by way of livestream to those that were constrained by travel restrictions and some of the speakers also connected digitally to the Summit. Seven startups presented their Deep tech technology and use cases for industry […]

Linda Krondahl

The vast majority of THINGS member companies offer products and services such as sensors, edge computing, data analytics, AI, robotics and energy solutions that solve the digital transformation challenges for industries such as manufacturing and energy. In a rapidly developing tech landscape large global companies cannot afford to be complacent, and in order to stay […]

InnoBrain the neurotech startup

The tech company has developed a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) platform to provide usability testing for medical devices. Manufacturers obtain objective and unbiased information from the evaluation process saving time and money during the development process. The application can be applied to many other industries.  Impact “The platform that we are providing right now reduces the […]