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Univrses is a 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning company based in Stockholm, Sweden. They create and deliver technologies for autonomous systems, and have developed two different solutions to date: 3DAI™ Engine and 3DAI™ City.  3DAI™ Engine is a suite of products that can be adapted and deployed in different applications where autonomy and automation […]

“Innovation that brings people and nature closer together. This is the heart of Sustainovate, our strategic approach to sustainability.” – Husqvarna Attention all start-ups and other innovative companies! THINGS together with Husqvarna Group are happy to announce the start-up challenge: Sustainovate Open 2020! The challenge aims to recognise and reward the most disruptive innovations that […]

Talkamatic develops conversational interfaces integrating voice, chat-bots, GUI, or any other sensory system or IoT input and output. Their language independent AI offer a way to communicate between humans and machines. Read more about their services at their website or watch their pitch on THINGS Ebazaar: Smart Utilities on our Youtube Channel.

1 May 2020. THINGS wishes to welcome Our Green Car as lounge member! Our Green Car offers Swedens greenest car- and vehicle pool as well as they offer a simple solution where they take care of all work surrounding electrical vehicles. Read more about their services on their website. Our Green Car will also join […]

Ecosystem Navigators

Stockholm April 14 2020. The Deep tech hub THINGS in Stockholm today announced a new service for its international and national members of THINGS Enterprise Circle (TEC): Swedish Tech ecosystem navigation. The service responds to a growing interest from THINGS’ enterprise members to have a dedicated person with knowledge and relationships in the Swedish Tech ecosystem […]