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New Member: SISP/ 15 January 2021

SISP (Swedish Incubators & Science Parks) have joined THINGS as members and have moved in to the THINGS House! SISP develops the world’s most effective innovation community by offering their members a way to connect with leading companies, universities, public organisations and investors. They now have 62 members across the world who together offers around […]


THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Manufacturing/ 28 January 2021

THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Manufacturing revolves around manufacturing where standardized processes and connected resources gives access to real time data for rapid analysis driving faster and better business decisions. Smart Manufacturing is a key enabler for the digital transformation thus important to address major challenges in areas like sustainability, safety and security.  This event is hosted in […]

THINGS Newsletter / December 2020

THINGS Newsletter / December 2020 After a challenging year THINGS have decided that now is the time to take the next step in our long term plan and place THINGS on the international arena by sharpening our focus yet maintain our objective of enabling sustainable business relationships between corporate-ready innovation companies and established companies! We also welcome new members, partners and collaborations […]

New member: MotionMiners/ 15 December 2020

THINGS welcomes new member MotionMiners, a German company founded in 2017 which develops Motion-Mining technology services and solutions with the aim to improve efficiency and ergonomics of manual processes by offering automated process analytics in production and logistics. “MotionMining makes it easier for companies to perform analyses regarding efficiency and ergonomics for process optimization. […] […]

Newsletter/ November 2020

THINGS newsletter covering updates of November 2020 and Highlights from THINGS members! Read it: https://bit.ly/2L4cqrP


New Partner: Tiny ML/ 3 December 2020

We are happy to announce our partnership with Tiny ML Foundation and that we are bringing Tiny ML Meetup Group to Sweden in January 2021. The aim with the meetings is to spread knowledge, educate the industry on “tinyML”, demonstrate its user cases and foster collaborations within the industry of AI technologies as well as […]


eXplore™ SDG #9/ 10 December 2020

We invented the eXplore™ event format to complement our successful eBazaar™ event format which is purely sales focused and our Get-On-Top-Of™ event format on specific technologies or technology areas like ML, LPWAN, 5G, Robotics and Low Power System Design.  Our intention with eXplore™ is to provide more learning and sharing oriented events on topics that are more generic than market oriented. […]

New TEC Partner: Utvyakta Solutions/ 6 November 2020

Útvyakta is a company that digitalizes manufacturing and offers an IoT system integrator which brings the best practices and knowledge from global engineering to SMEs with cost-effective solutions. Read more on their website.

Newsletter/ October

eBazaar™ Electrification was a speaker filled event and we are looking forward to Smart Buildings and the following  Smart Mobility in November! THINGS Get On Top Of™ 5G event took place with great presentations at the THINGS House. News and Achievements for our Members and Lounge Members as well as some new members and TEC partners who have joined THINGS are also presented with great pride! Read the newsletter here.

Swedish AI Landscape Mapping/ 20 October 2020

Ignite Sweden together with RISE and AI Sweden went together to map Swedens AI startups with the aim to offer a way of quality assurance. By providing intel for the innovation ecosystem, investors, government, academia as well as a guide for stakeholders the vision is to open doors for the AI startup scene. “Startups really […]