AMB Get A Grip seminar: Developing High Quality Plastic Parts. Free seminar hosted in partnership with THINGS, September 23 2021

AMB Get A Grip seminar: Developing High Quality Plastic Parts is a free seminar on the subject of plastic production hosted in partnership with us at THINGS, September 23 at 09:00-11:00 CEST.

Plastic is THE material for many technical and medical devices. It is versatile and can satisfy high performance demands for many applications. The trick is to know how to choose the correct material and how to process it correctly. We will therefore, together with our partners, provide the necessary knowledge for how to succeed with your plastic parts!

AMB Get A Grip seminar: Developing High Quality Plastic Parts is a guided digital tour with the intention to give you a general understanding of a complex area, and to highlight potential pitfalls. During the webinar you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and have discussions directly with the presenters in break-out groups! You register for the seminar here.


Dan Karlsson, Alten
Alten is a leading consultancy firm, active in areas from space technology to life science. Dan Karlsson will emphasize the importance of the concept phase and early considerations of user and regulatory requirements.

Björn Petersson, Albis
Albis is representing leading manufacturers and brands as a distributor of thermoplastics. Given that there are many different thermoplastics with subgroups we are looking forward to Björn Peterson’s guidance how to find the best suitable plastic material for your project.

Peder Bay, Zeiss
Zeiss, well known optical expert for 175 years is also a leading manufacturer of multidimensional measuring solutions. Peder Bay will point out the importance of well-defined dimensions on a 2D-drawing and introduce us to GPS (Geometric Product Specification). Did you know you can scan all internal and external structures with computed tomography systems (CT)? Let Peder explain!

Håkan Lavebratt, AMB
AMB lacks Zeiss’ 100 extra years but 75 years in the plastic business also means a lot of experience. Håkan Lavebratt will tie up the tour by highlighting important steps of the industrialization phase, i.e. going from a prototype to high volume production. How to validate the result? – let’s discuss the options.

Jörg Hinz with 20+ years at AMB will be the moderator for the event.

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