Ingrid Cloud is now the commercial name for the engineering simulation tool developed by researches that are based here at Things Stockholm. Former Adaptive Simulation, is one of many examples that growth usually comes together with rebranding.

“The process of naming was, at first, intuitive. We developed an adaptive algorithm for flow simulations, so Adaptive Simulations sounded good. We started calling it that way and suddenly it felt familiar. But when the business is growing and getting to market, brand is an important subject and the first concept to review is precisely the name. Was it really a good one?”, that’s how Sebastian Desand, CEO and Founder, describes the call to the need of rebranding. The story is very common among new businesses and startups. Beyond checking social context, pronunciation issues and intrinsic references, choosing a name involves also technical approaches: is the name taken on social media? Is the domain available and affordable? Those are just a few items to check. After having the home work done, the startup founded in 2014 finally launched Ingrid Cloud for commercial use. “‘It was a subtle way to have a Swedish signature in the product – referring to the notorious actress Ingrid Bergman. Also, the fact that it’s an actual female name brings the sophistication and personality we were looking for a product that makes a very complex problem, easy”, concludes the CEO.