What is the concept behind Get On Top Of (GOTO)?

GOTO was established to help Swedish industry prosper. It is a collaborative learning forum bringing together the best minds from our extended community to collectively anticipate, inspire, drive and engage in what will happen next.

What happens during an after-work event?

The format is high energy, 15 min knowledge and insight sharing presentations from 5-6 speakers, followed by a panel discussion, if appropriate. All presenting companies also have a stand-up table to gather interested attendees for further discussion.

What topics are covered and how do you choose them?

We identify key technologies “around the corner” to get relevant people on top of. Like in surfing, timing is key, in order not to start ride a wave too early or to miss it. We started with LPWAN in 2017, added Machine Learning late 2017 and had our first Robotics a couple of weeks ago. The theories, vision and ideas may not be ‘new’ but, driven by the shift in context and how it is applied right now, they have become a catalyst for a lot of development.

How often does it happen?

Frequency is driven by the volume of interested corporates and individuals. For example, we have had 8x LPWAN events with a total of 700 attendees and 4x Machine Learning with some 300 attendees. Demand and engagement remains high and we are currently planning our 2018 autumn/ winter events program, so watch this space! All GOTO events are open and announced on our web.

Which startups and corporates have participated in the past?

At THINGS we know the subject, industry and key players, so we ensure that the mix of attendees at a GOTO event are relevant, interesting and inspiring. Our speakers are people who have been working hands on in the field we cover, since shared experience and insight is far more interesting and inspiring than theories and plans. Furthermore, they have the foresight and open-mindedness to share and be a part of a community. The quality of the companies attending our GOTO events really speaks for themselves. Attendees from our latest GOTO Machine Learning event (03 May 2018):

Accenture, Anticimex, Ashmore, Assa, ASSA ABLOY, Atlas Copco, Avocado, Balfe Arbman Communications, Berghs School of Communication, Berotec, Bonnier News, Cabon, Capgem, Centigo IOT Hub, CIM Coach, Combient, Crosser, Daresay, DEKRA, Doberman, Electrolux, Ericsson, expandtalk, FLIR, FMV, Forest Fund, Handelshögskolan, House Be/E14 Invest, Imagimob, Infracontrol, KTH, Masseengineering, Mobit Consulting, Nackademin, Nordic Guarantee, Northstream, Optonova Sweden, Orange Business Services, Scania, Skanska, Sopra Steria, Studio Foga, SUNMICO, TCO Development, Tiandi, Tritech, TRNPK Sweden, Univrses, Vattenfall, Verisure, Volumental and WSI.

Why is it important for the startups and industry?

Much like the onset of the internet, the digital transformation will have a huge impact on people and it is equally as difficult to figure out what will happen. Success will depend on information, inspiration and relations. So, it is vital to prepare now, to identify what is common and to do this together as a community in order to be a sustainable force in the long term.

How do I become involved/ contribute?

Contact: magnus@thingstockholm.com